Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Animal Collective

These are almost the half of 16 frames of a complete book which I made it based on the story about a questioning journey to knowing, written by me.
This is originally made for children but I can't accept that any book (specially illustrated ones and the ones originally made for children) won't be or couldn't be for all, from 7 to 77.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Snowing On Red

Also from my 2005 archive.
This is another picture of that moment in, there was some kind of sculpture and it was getting more and more complete in front of my eyes.
I felt there’s a lot of movement in routine, and I made something touchable by this feeling.
There's always something big in touch.


I took these pictures in 2005 winter.
To me this perfect stuff (what is thrown by now), is (or was) the sculpture of one human being (or any being) who is about to turn and show us the plaque he’s holding in his hands. He awaits on his way. "Everybody come and read me" he says.
By it's basic independent form, this is the sculpture of a sense or a moment. He's constantly against the emptiness. He is the man (creature) of the Constant Sorrow, Constant Will.